The Granite City Radio Theater Welcomes Chastity Brown in Episode 3 of Season 3

Three is the Magic Number!  Nowhere is that so true as within the audio cathedral of groove known as the Granite City Radio Theater!  

In this third episode of the third season, we had three times the comedy with Dan Barth’s Trivia, Sven discovering Lena’s secret hacker background, the Honorable Mayor Dave Kleis pitching an addition to the Beaver Island Trail, and host Jay Terry having a rather uncomfortable encounter at the dog park.  

We also had special musical guest Chastity Brown joining Collective Unconscious to elevate our musical sensibilities with her roots and banjo brand of soul!

And of course, Shade’s Brigade once again saved the day! (That’s Eric Webster in the photo doing just that with a laser!)

Tune in on Wednesday, May 20, at 7:30 PM for our Season Finale with special musical guest Gary Louris! 

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