The Untold Story of the Meire Grove Band, at 135 years it’s the longest continuous band in Minnesota

 In today’s episode of the Untold Stories of Central Minnesota, Arts & Cultural Heritage Producer Jeff Carmack journeys out to Meire Grove in rural Stearns County to hang out with three generations of musicians all playing in the oldest continuously playing band in Minnesota, the Meire Grove Band.

At 135 years old, the Meire Grove Band has recently been inducted into the Minnesota Music Hall of Fame and continues to bring music to a variety of communities throughout Minnesota.  

The Meire Grove Band will be at the Paramount Theater in St. Cloud on Tuesday, July 31, beginning at 7:30 pm.  The mix of fun, family, and tradition of this historic band is not to be missed!

This program is funded in part by the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Legacy Grant.


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