Jan 7, 2020

Radio Segment Inspires Student Art Exhibit at Waite Park Library

A radio program has inspired an art teacher at South Junior High to help students visualize the historic Apollo 11 moon landing, and now, you can see their art too.

Art teacher James Van Horn has been working with his 8th grade art students to help make history happen through art. According to School District 742, South’s art students commemorated 50th anniversary of the moon landing by artistically interpreting NASA’s out-of-this-world achievement.

Van Horn was inspired by Jonathan Mitchell’s award-winning podcast “Moon Graffiti” as heard on Public Radio Exchange. He had his art students use graphite to create tints, shades and mid-tones emphasizing simulated texture while exploring their own creativity.  

The results are more than 100 thought-provoking art pieces on display at the Waite Park branch of the Great River Regional Library this month.

The library is hosting an Art Student Reception at the Waite Park library this Thursday, January 9th from 6:30 to 7:00 p.m., it’s free and open to the public.

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