Mar 7, 2017

Archived: Sen. Amy Klobuchar Responds To Revised Travel Ban

Senator Amy Klobuchar has responded to President Donald Trump’s extended travel ban by saying Minnesota is strengthened by its immigrant community.

Klobuchar sent out a response Monday with information about Minnesota’s immigrant population and effects to the economy. Minnesota has large Somali, Liberian, and Hmong presence.

Her statement says the following:

"For the second time, this Administration has put in place an order that bans all refugees from all over the world for 120 days, and drastically reduces the number of refugees who will be welcomed to the United States each year. Minnesota and the entire country are strengthened by our refugee and immigrant communities. As legal workers, they are a vital part of our economy. Refugees are extensively vetted as it is, and if the Administration wants to change the vetting process, they could do so without immediately banning all refugees from every country in the world."

The response is after Trump’s revised travel ban executive order, which targets refugees and travelers from six Muslim countries. 

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