Jul 21, 2021

Severe Drought Conditions in Minnesota Continue

Joey Erickson / Assistant News Director

The state of Minnesota is seeing the highest level of severe drought conditions since May of 2015 as rainfall totals continue to stay low and temperatures reach record highs.

According to the U.S. Drought Monitor, at least 40 percent of the state is in Severe Drought conditions, 53 percent in Moderate Drought conditions and 7 percent of the state in Abnormally Dry conditions.

The Minnesota DNR has stated there will likely be damage to crops and pastures due to the low water levels. Trees in some areas are already showing signs of water stress, which can leave them susceptible to opportunistic insects and diseases. Seedlings and saplings are also in danger due to drought conditions as they work to establish a new root system.

More information can be found on the Minnesota DNR website.

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