Nov 25, 2019

Police Car Damaged After St. Cloud Car Chase

St. Cloud Police Department reported a car chase near Ridgewood Road and Veterans Drive at around 3:30 p.m. Sunday.  

Authorities say 36-year-old Daniel Kenneth Kuechle of St. Cloud was pulled over for a traffic violation when he suddenly put his car in reverse and nearly struck the officer standing outside the vehicle. 

The suspect then drove forward to flee the scene striking a St. Cloud squad car and then proceeded to turn left onto Ridgewood road when the pursuit began.  

After a successful PIT maneuver by police to stop the vehicle the suspect was tased and taken into police custody. No one was injured during the pursuit.  

Alcohol was a factor in the incident and Kuechle is potentially facing charges of 3rd degree DUI, fleeing in a motor vehicle, felony assault with motor vehicle, obstructing legal process, and reckless driving. 

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