Dec 11, 2019

St. Cloud State football and golf programs cut, men’s soccer added to athletics / @KVSCSports on Twitter (Photo SCSU Athletics)

St. Cloud State University has ended the football program along with men’s and women’s golf complying with a Title IX court order and managing budget issues.

Tuesday afternoon, a meeting was held with the entire football team including players and coaches where the information was released to the group that there will no longer be a football program at the university. Meetings with both men’s and women’s golf programs were held as well. University President Robbyn Wacker was in the meeting along with St. Cloud State football head coach Scott Underwood.

SCSU Athletics says 115 student athletes in total will feel the affects of the massive decision made by the university including more than seven coaches as well. To stay in compliance with the National Collegiate Athletic Association rules, St. Cloud State will be adding a men’s soccer program to be ready to compete in 2020.

Wacker commented in a media release that they made this extremely difficult decision because St. Cloud State faces a convergence of circumstances that required them to change our athletics offerings.

St. Cloud State also noted in Tuesday’s press release that Minnesota State Chancellor Devinder Malhotra showed support of the changes.

The university anticipates a total around $5.1 million budget deficit for the next coming 2020 school year. Budgets have struggled not only in SCSU athletics, but as well in a declining university enrollment with higher costs. SCSU athletics must continue to balance its benefits and opportunities for female students by complying to the U.S. District Court’s August order in a Title IX lawsuit.

St. Cloud State Marketing and Communications Executive Director Adam Hammer noted there will be a immediate search for a men’s soccer head coach and a full roster is expected to be built and ready to compete the fall of 2020. The university is unclear of a schedule and any further information regarding the men’s soccer program.

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