Trivia Final Scores 1998

1Those Meddling Kids12915
2Learned Pigs & Fireproof Women12755
4Voodoo Dolls11355
5Rich Corinthian Leather11885
6Cowboy Dale skips to the Loo11630
7Animal House11425
8Non-Essential Government Workers11220
9Panties Waaay Too Tight11150
10Sigma Phi Nothing10520
11A Few Screws Loose10115
12No Static At All10090
13The Cappaccino Awareness Group10060
14Ken’s BBQ Beef9815
15Mmm Haggis Helper? I’m Staying!9669
16South Park Alumni9645
17Loose Meat Sandwiches9570
18Society for Creative Anarchism8995
201,3,7 Trimethylxanthene8850
21E.T. Corporate Panty Raiders8740
22I Got Trees Babe8695
23Trouble Among the Cheerleaders8465
24Big Gay Al’s Big Gay Tupperware Party8245
25Princess Dyed Leather Interior8200
26Digital Dungeon Dwellers8045
27Jamaican Zulu Posse7990
28The Neo-Maxi Zoomdweebies7795
29Psychadelic Pussycat Swingers Club7775
30Lobby Rat Illuminati Local 237640
31Pink and Noid7637
32Tim Allen’s Favorite Tool7550
33T.T.F.K.A. Last Ditch Effort7500
35Trivia Newton John7035
363 Drunks Aints Gots Books6990
37Clean Skivvies…Need A Bath6550
38Pigs ‘R Us6305
39Not Wearing Any Panties6255
40Corpulent Cowboys5775
41Foucault Fanatics5760
42Gots Books Caint Reed’em5585
43House of Insanity5475
44Team Fun!!!5470
45Pompous Perplexed Penguins4970
47Bunnies That Hate4305
48Picts and Celts4210
49Cats Can’t Betus Buzzed3985
50Stearns County Sin-Drome3885
51Remember to shop at Disk-go-Round3730
52Penetration from the Backside3405
53Pavarotti’s Cult O’Leather3290
54Feral Trailercourt Hounds2770
55Not Too Good1480
56Disk-go-Round presents Trivia 98955
57Brad: At work, mad & not meddling4210