Trivia Final Scores 2003

1The Mime Radio Consipiracy15995
2Learned Pigs and Fireproof Women15965
3Loose Meat Sandwiches15265
4Panties Waaay Too Tight14695
5Stefan’s Dream 4: It’s Muffin Time14530
6Sigma Phi Nothing14375
7 College DJs Suck14060
8Non-Essential Government Workers13920
9Voodoo Dolls13735
10Society for Creative Anarchism13420
11Intimate Tupperware Party13010
12Nuyorican Poets Soiree12810
13Super Heroes in Training12640
14Feelin’ Comfortable12585
15Neo-Maxi Zoomdweebies12385
16Pull-Start Diesel12335
17LDE with Frank, Dean and Sammy12325
18Trouble Among the Cheerleaders12235
19The Weak and the Sick (TWATS)12225
20Worried About the Beaver1210
21ET Takes a Crapshoots Pants, Looses Shirt12105
22A Few Screws Loose11955
23Tofu is People11910
25The Chairleg of Truth11815
26Freshly Squeezed 11775
27Cuban Reefer Pirates11505
28WWSD: What Would Scooby Doo?11485
29My Big Fat Norwegian Cocktail11360
30In 23rd Place With 9835 Points11335
31The House of Insanity11325
32Redneck Zombie MoFos11075
34Some Assembly Required10825
35D.O.A. Hole10675
36Mental Asylum Marching Band10645
37The G Town “Cleaners”10500
38Minutemen and the Women Who Love ’em10480
39Shake the Paw of Destiny10005
40Traveling By Midget9970
41Big Dwarf Rodeo9900
42Hugh Beaumont9470
43More Useless Students in College9240
44(Insert Clever Team Name Here)9225
45Rich Corinthian Leather9125
47The Ferocious Goats9065
4810,000 MHz of Power9050
49Penguin and Frog IV: A New Hope8955
50Pigs R’ Us8790
51Win a Shower With Jesus8765
52Phreaky Geek and the Crazy Girls8670
53The Incredible Edible Hobo8470
54Vandalay Industries8410
55Stewart Smalley’s Dungeon8305
5624 Butcheeks Pointed At You8285
57Mary Poppins and the Lighting Force8140
58The Bastard Squad7955
59Operation Hoyven Mayven7820
60Upward Thrust7670
61Da Fillet Show7570
62The Easter Bunny7290
64Running With Scissors6665
65The Team Who Won Last Year5835
66Who’s Jebus5655
67Student Government5610
68Habitat For Insanity5175
69This Space For Rent4960
70There’s Something About Jim4815
71Gots Books Cain’t Read ’em4710
72Gamblor v. Homer4240
73Last Call For Alcohol3725
74Sex For VCRs1400
75Pavarotti’s Cult o’ Leather335