Mar 6, 2013

2013 Trivia Winners – Stefan’s Dream XIV: stefan’s re-entry

Stefan’s Dream XIV: stefan’s re-entry takes home the golden urn for trivia 2013: A space oddity

The 34th annual Trivia Weekend contest came to a close with Stefan’s Dream XIV: Stefan’s Re-Entry winning the weekend with 16,190 points. Trivia 2013: A Space Oddity was a close contest with Pull-Start Diesel taking second with 15,595 points and Learned Pigs and Fireproof Women taking third with 15,570 points. Congratulations to all 62 teams for making it through 50 consecutive hours of trivia! Get a complete list of the final scores here.

Overall, Trivia 2013: A Space Oddity brought in hundreds of volunteers, alumni and staff in addition to dozens of area business sponsors. The 50-hour weekend concluded with an awards ceremony and an after part at the Red Carpet Nightclub in downtown St. Cloud.

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