Aug 5, 2020

Metro Citizens Police Academy is Accepting Applications in Stearns County Area

By Nathan Daggett / Assistant News Director

Multiple police departments in the Stearns County area will be offering an opportunity for citizens to experience first-hand aspects of police training. 

The Metro Citizens Police Academy is a six-week course that is offered to the public.  The classes closely resemble the training curriculum that police officer candidates experience. 

Local departments are looking for a diverse group of applicants who have questions specific to police procedures involving use and application of force, law enforcement training and arrest procedures. 

In order to participate applicants must be at least 21 years of age, must not have a criminal record and live in the city limits of the of the police department they are applying to. 

Classes begin on September 17th and end on October 22nd. 

To apply and learn more about the academy, visit here

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