The Granite City Radio Theater Season 9 Episode 3 with Special Musical Guest Keith Secola

It’s the Season 9 Season Finale of the Granite City Radio Theater!

WE GOT OUR LIVE STUDIO AUDIENCE BACK!  That’s the big deal here! 

Well, special musical guest and Native American Music Awards Hall of Fame inductee Keith Secola is a very big deal, too, but he would certainly agree having that live audience was a big deal!  House band Collective Unconscious will (and did) back Keith up on that.

Other big deals of the show include Shade’s Brigade getting weird in St. Cloud with an innovative performance, the Honourable Mayor’s new poem and his joy at being able to look at people, and Dan Barth’s Trivia Challenge challenging the challenge which is decency with the live audience scoring points along the way as Heidi Jeub defeated Eric Webster and Keith Secola to be our Season 9 Champion!

Also a big deal, but not nearly as a big deal as the other big deals were a look behind the scenes at writing the show, a journey into the seedy world of Farmer’s Market crime, and more products you might like to buy from SuccesssCo!

Being back to a “normal” radio theater experience was incredible and it’s all because of YOU!  You are the big, big deal here, dontcha know?!!

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