Apr 10, 2019

Thank You Listener Members-You can Join Too!

If you did not call in your pledge during the on air drive—you can still support community and diverse programming. Give us a ring at 320-308-KVSC (5872) to show your support. You can also pledge online or complete a monthly gift form right here.

KVSC’s newsletter and brand new discount membership card is available to all members. The card features discounts at 23 businesses. You can still receive pledge perks—ranging from a new I’m Radio Active coffee mug, to the new T-shirt , or the custom Bluetooth speaker.

Thank you again for traveling with us on Highway 88.1, it’s an adventure-filled road trip and we’re honored to be part of the ride.

T-shirt logo, designed by volunteer Ed Fish

Joining the KVSC convoy supports the incredible locally-produced music programs, news, sports and events like Trivia Weekend and concerts within the community.

If you pledge at the $165 Power Booster level, you can designate your dollars to our first-ever capital campaign. The Drive to 55 campaign supports our need to raise $55,000 to buy a new antenna and feed line on our radio tower. The current system is nearly 30-years-old, failing and cannot be updated (obsolete technology). A new antenna and transmission line will result in a much stronger signal, especially at further distances–virtually doubling our signal fidelity and reach! As a thank you, we have a high quality Bluetooth wireless speaker waiting for you if you can support KVSC’s “Drive to 55.”

Thank you listeners who become members and drive Route 88.1!

Thank You Underwriters