Apr 10, 2019

Road Trip & Become A Member With KVSC

It’s our spring membership drive and your support fuels what we do year-round! Please donate online, or call 320-308-KVSC (5872) to become a new listener member, or renew a lapsed membership.

Your support comes with some snazzy thank you items that help you share our story, but really, joining the KVSC convoy supports the incredible locally-produced music programs, news, sports and events like Trivia Weekend and concerts within the community.

If you pledge at the $165 Power Booster level, you can designate your dollars to our first-ever capital campaign. The “Drive to 55” campaign supports our need to raise $55,000 to buy a new antenna and feed line on our radio tower. The current system is 27-years-old, failing and cannot be updated (obsolete technology). A new antenna and transmission line will result in a much stronger signal, especially at further distances–virtually doubling our signal fidelity and reach! As a thank you, we have a high quality Bluetooth wireless speaker waiting for you if you can support KVSC’s “Drive to 55.”

Thank you listeners who become members and drive Route 88.1!

Thank You Underwriters