Mar 29, 2019

St. Cloud State University Launches “Hey,You Okay?” Campaign

“Hey, you okay?”

It may seem like a basic question, but it makes a difference in people’s lives, especially during hard times.

A university spokeswoman says the “Hey, You Okay?” campaign is designed for students, faculty, and others to take the first step and check in on each other.

The initiative’s crowd-sourcing goal of $2,000 has been reached, which to support the launch.

Campaign co-organizer Jen Johnson emphasized that this message isn’t just for students, but for faculty as well.

Johnson says, “Faculty and stuff can also feel isolated and lonely, so it’s important for us to check in on one another as well.”

The Train the Trainer event, which helps teach the “Hey, You Okay” approach, will take place from 10:30 a.m. to noon on Thursday, April 11.

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