May 10, 2022

Stearns County Starts Weed Control Spraying, Residents Have Exemption Option

By Jo McMullen / KVSC reporter

This month Stearns County’s Department of Highways will begin their annual spraying for unwanted brush and noxious weeds along the county’s highways. Residents can opt out of the program if they would like.

Highway Engineer Jodi Teich reports the vegetation management program will use a herbicide to treat the noxious weeds. If you have property abutting a Stearns County road you do have a choice to avoid spraying and mow and maintain the area instead. The county has a spraying exemption form that must be completed by May 15th.

Source: Mn-DOT

Property owners will need to mow or remove the brush and weeds on their own throughout the summer months, with a starting deadline of June 15th.

The county controls the weeds and brush to help with visibility for drivers to see road signs better and for seeing wildlife crossing the roads.

When the county does spray they work to avoid sensitive areas adjacent to the right of ways such as crops, gardens, front yards, tree plantings, lakes and streams.

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