Jun 5, 2024

Teenage girl remains in critical condition after near drowning in Crow River

By Grace Jacobson / News Director

HANOVER, Minn. — The Wright County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a near drowning that left a teenage girl in critical condition.

Around 1 p.m. on Sunday, June 2, deputies say a mom and two teenagers entered the Crow River near the bridge on Mill Pond Trail in Hanover. The mom and the 16-year-old girl were on paddle boards and the 15-year-old boy was in a kayak.

Later, all three crashed into trees overhanging into the river causing them to fall into the water.

The mom and boy freed themselves from the tree; however, the girl became stuck and was pulled underwater.

Her father and another bystander managed to pull her from the water where CPR was given by first responders. Though unresponsive, she had a pulse and was airlifted to the University of Minnesota Children’s Hospital where she remains in critical condition.

Deputies say she was wearing a lifejacket.

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