Nov 16, 2020

Thanksgiving Guidelines From SCSU

By: Taylor Bowden / Assistant News Director

St. Cloud State University has released suggested guidelines for Thanksgiving 2020. These guidelines are aimed at students and staff making plans for the upcoming holiday.

St. Cloud State strongly encourages students to stay on campus during the holiday but in the case that they go home there are some things to remember.

  1. Know Before You Go: If students plan on going home then please consider getting tested before you head home by No. 14th and 2-3 days after returning to campus. The virus can be spread from campus to home and it’s best to mitigate those risks by getting some free testing at River’s Edge Convention Center (10 4th Avenue South in St. Cloud).
  2. Hunker Down For the Holiday: Pay close attention to COVID-19 safety guidelines during family gatherings and avoid Black Friday shopping crowds, large gatherings, and indoor activities that might increase the rate of exposure to the virus.
  3. Lay Low on the Return to Campus: It is strongly recommended to get tested for COVID-19 2-3 days after being home and then laying low for up to 14 days after returning from home.
  4. Plan the Rest of the Semester: Students who are coming home from Thanksgiving, and who have all online courses can consider finishing the semester from home. if they would like.

The campus’ residence halls, dining facilities and computer labs will remain open while they monitor data provided by health officials.

For testing info and locations click here.

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