Nov 19, 2019

Trivia 2020: It’s About Time

It’s time to explore the theme for KVSC’s 41st annual Trivia Weekend. The trivia writers pool have revealed the theme for the fact-finding marathon taking place February 14-16, 2020.

Take a leap with Your Sound Alternative with Trivia 2020: It’s About Time.

The mind spins with question possibilities in this very special leap year edition of Trivia Weekend.

Could Dr. Who and Stephen Hawking appear together in a flashback of the New Twilight Zone with Jordan Peele?

Could Morris Day and the Time school us on their dance skills to the Time Warp, while under the Dark Side of the Moon?

Could Marty McFly party on with Wayne and Garth, in a future world?

Can Lola run fast enough to catch Bill and Ted and reimagine their excellent adventure? Will the Planet of the Apes save 12 Little Monkeys?

Time will tell. Join us, Trivia 2020: It’s About Time.

Thank You Underwriters