Dec 3, 2018

Trivia Weekend Team Registration Starts Friday, December 14

Enrollment in Trivia University-KVSC’s 40th annual Trivia Weekend begins on Friday, December 14.  The registrar’s process can be FOUND HERE.

There are 50 credit hours to complete as you apply to be accepted to Trivia University. The curriculum is being written by the faculty question writers and all course work must be completed from February 15-17. While there are no pre-requisites, you can conduct academic and field research to make the Dean’s trivia list.

Perhaps you’ll attend a lecture on the history of St. Cloud State University, or prepare for a pop quiz to bolster your trivia transcript. There may be elective classes in library sciences, zoology of rodentia, polysomnography and the history of telephonic communication. Alumni are as important to KVSC’s 40th anniversary theme as are the freshman, and don’t forget the fraternities and sororities.

Real Geniuses, enroll in …Trivia University. Celebrating academia, 150 Years of St. Cloud State, hilarious and fun-filled college experiences and 40 years of KVSC’s Trivia Weekend, where it all began, at SCSU.

It’s time to get a B.S. in Trivia!

By the way…there is a potential for DOUBLE SECRET PROBATION if you change Wikipedia entries to hinder other teams. The tenured question writers remind you, “No one is really going to be free until nerd persecution ends.”

Start your mental stretches and prepare to execute your perfect Triple Lindy for Trivia University. Finally, don’t forget, there’s always a future in plastics.

Thank You Underwriters