Apr 26, 2021

Vehicle Crashes Into Semi After Running Red Light in Waite Park

By Nathan Daggett / Assistant News Director / Video by Waite Park Police Department

Video of crash from Waite Park Police

The Waite Park Police Department has reported a three-vehicle crash after one vehicle ran a red light on Sunday afternoon.

The accident happened just after 5:30 p.m. when a Waite Park officer was stopped at a red light at 2nd Ave S and 2nd Street S and witnessed a vehicle cross the intersection while the light was still red.

As 60-year-old Lynn McClelland of St. Cloud proceeded through the intersection, a semi was approaching from 2nd Street S with a green light and struck McClelland on the passenger’s side.

The vehicle finally stopped after colliding with the front end of the Waite Park squad car, still sitting at the red light.

Deputies say McClelland and the 6-year-old passenger both received minor injuries and were treated at the scene.  The woman was cited with a Semaphore Violation.  

The driver of the semi and Waite Park officer were not injured.

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