Oct 20, 2020

Zebra Mussels Spreading from Lake to Lake in Central Minnesota

By: Taylor Bowden / Assistant News Director

An invasive species that litters lakes across the Midwest has found its way to Big Lake and Mitchell Lake, two adjacent lakes in the city of Big Lake in Sherburne County.

The inspection of the lake by DNR officials found zebra mussels near the public fishing pier on Big Lake and another inspection revealed zebra mussels near the public access parts of Mitchell Lake.

The DNR reminds lake locals to routinely check their boats, docks and other water equipment for zebra mussels. This includes when switching motorcraft to different bodies of water.

These pests can cut feet, compete with native species for food and even damage expensive water intake pipes.

If you find species of zebra mussels in unconfirmed lakes please contact a local DNR aquatic specialist.

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