Dec 27, 2023

City of Sartell, Polco releasing feedback surveys to residents

By Grace Jacobson / News Director

SARTELL, Minn. — Be on the lookout! A randomized handful of Sartell residents will receive a survey in the mail next week as part of the City’s new way of gathering feedback from those in the area.

The City of Sartell has teamed up with GovTech leader Polco, an engagement and data analytics company, to engage community members beyond public meetings.

Beginning Wednesday, Dec. 27, community members can visit Sartell’s profile on and engage on economic, safety and overall community wellness topics along with others.

On January 30, an Open Participation survey will launch on the website for all Sartell residents and business to participate with the survey set to close on February 14.

Survey results will post on the City of Sartell page.

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