Nov 17, 2020

Coborn’s, Inc. Prepares for COVID-19 Vaccination

By Nathan Daggett / Assistant News Director

Coborn’s, Inc. has begun to take measures to prepare for the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccination once it is approved and available.

In partnership with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, all Coborn’s, Inc. pharmacies will provide equal availability of the COVID-19 vaccine.  They also plan on offering this vaccine at no cost to ensure a swift and efficient stop to the spread of the virus.

Director of Pharmacy Operations for Coborn’s, Inc, Lynn Young says, “guests can be assured that once the COVID-19 vaccine is distributed, our pharmacy staff will partake in the necessary training to ensure the safe administration of the vaccine, as well as educating our patients about the process”.

Coborn’s Inc, will provide its customers and communities with more information when it becomes available.

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