Apr 17, 2024

Stearns County Man Arrested on Multiple Felony Charges

By Zac Chapman / Assistant News Director

Investigators arrested a 21-year-old man from Stearns County after finding Fentanyl pills and ammo.

Desean Ohman

The Central Minnesota Violent Offender Task Force and the St. Cloud Police Department executed a signed knock and announce search warrant on 15th Street North in St. Cloud on April 10 where they found approximately 4,200 Fentanyl pills and ammo.

Desean Ohman, of St. Cloud is charged with multiple felonies including 1st degree possession of a controlled substance and a felony charge of a current felon in possession of ammo.

Ohman is also charged for two counts of 1st degree sales of a controlled substance from previous cases of selling suspected Fentanyl pills in the Central Minnesota area.

Ohman is currently being held in the Stearns County Jail.

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