Jul 6, 2022

Dig a Song on KVSC? Here’s How To Dig In Deeper

The KVSC Music Department is continually marinating, churning and stirring our musical playlist to bring you a delightful brew of new artists and some of your indie favorites. Here’s a guide to finding out more about what you’re digging on Your Sound Alternative.

  • Playlist Archive: Use the Spinitron calendar to review shows and artists
  • Weekly NACC Charts: KVSC’s Weekly Top 30 spins by on air hosts
  • Choice Album: You can share your favorite KVSC inspired artist with everyone
  • On Air Schedule: Explore this summer! Hip-hop, punk rock, MN Music, Folk, Jazz, Americana…
  • KVSC Top 88: Take a stroll down memory lane to see the top albums selected by listeners and hosts

Thank you for enjoying the musical exploration and spirit the KVSC music department staff brews up …to share their love of independent music with you.

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