Apr 20, 2020

Congrats Nancy Drew & Hardy Boys and Fun Merch Trivia U Can’t Touch This

A remotely distanced but roaring applause goes out to team Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys–the champions of Trivia Weekend: U Can’t Touch This 2020 1/2. Team captain Jessica helms her adept squad from Cairo, Egypt and claimed victory with 2,400 points and a performanced based question propelled them to take the lead in the final hours. She credits their years of remote playing as a clear advantage to U Can’t Touch This. CONGRATULATIONS!

You can now review all the questions from the 10-hour contest, with the percentage of teams that got the questions right. Thank you to Chad, Gypsy, the Petersens clan, Tim, Marie and any writer who contributed to this mini event!

To see the current scores, as of the end of the last hour, GO HERE

Awards ceremony with team captains via Zoom. Jim (upper left) is recognizing his wife Julia and daughters who helped with scoring.

To see the scores as of the end of any given hour, GO HERE

You can still order U Can’t Touch This swag online. A portion of all sales goes to KVSC. You get a collectible momento, we get a little love too.

Finally, any support of KVSC by becoming a listener member is appreciated. We are not holding our spring drive on the air due to COVID-19 and your membership supports year-round programming, Trivia Weekend, students and much more. Thank you.

Your Sound Alternative presented a mini-Trivia Weekend on Saturday, April 18 from 12 p.m. – 10 p.m.

The contest included 9 questions an hour with some audio and visual trivia and a scoring system.

KVSC requested that all teams and players practice social distancing and use technology to compete as a team.

The special mini-trivia weekend was produced by KVSC staff, students, question writers, volunteers and the Goat Posse as a fun way to beat the ‘cabin fever’ of staying at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s something long-time trivia teams are keenly aware of and is part of the origin story of why the contest started at St. Cloud State University in 1980.

You can take a look at all REGISTERED TEAMS here.

NOTE: Due to limitations we will NOT have a phone bank to call in answers. All team answers will be submitted online via a web form. The hourly scores will be posted online during the contest hours. Thank you to all the volunteers who are reaching out to help. We love ya and we’ll see you in February 2021 !

Thank You Underwriters