Apr 25, 2024

New Dome, New Home?

Max Steigauf / Sports Director / @MSteigauf

Husky Stadium. Photo Credit: St. Cloud State Athletics.

St. Cloud State Athletics this week they are looking to renovate Husky stadium and the Husky Dome.

In a press release made to the public the athletics department announced that as a part of the new renovations it will allow the softball team to play at Husky Stadium full time next year.

That means no more Huskies’ athletics at historic Selke Field. The field has seen a lot of use by St. Cloud State. Until 2004 it was the home for Huskies Football.

Maggie Fitzgerald (Left) and Holly Weinberger (Right) run back to the dugout against the Minnesota State Mavericks. Photo Credit: Jacob Sanders.

The renovations will be a new dome for the stadium, and a new turf field with softball and soccer lines added sometime down the line.

This would get rid of the current football layout after the program was cut in 2020.

This weekend the softball team will play at St. Ben’s softball field. The Huskies will play Minot State on Friday, and UMary on Saturday.

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