Sep 5, 2020

Become A Member-Support Your Sound Alternative

When you’re trying to find a way to piece it all together, KVSC is here with you.

It seems the only constant right now is change, and rapid change can cause us to feel isolated. Your home is here, with Your Sound Alternative. If you are able, please donate today so that KVSC can continue to provide this incredible service to the Central Minnesota community and beyond. If not for
you, do it for your neighbor.

KVSC is raising money to support the radio shows, music, Trivia Weekend, special events, news and sports you enjoy on Your Sound Alternative. We’re a creative group of students, community volunteers and two full-time staff that program local radio that is independent and part of Central Minnesota …and is in need of your support!

Thank you for listening, when you pledge you’re showing us you support our programming, and you become a big part of our collective success. Thank you.

By the way, we have a variety of pledge thank you gifts.  They’re a fabulous way to show others you’re a member of 88.1FM! This new Hoodie is a terrific way to show your pride, or the new coffee mug–it’s a rustic, hand-crafted 16 ounce mug created with reactive glazes–making each mug unique!

Thank You Underwriters