Feb 20, 2024

KVSC packs up “in-tents” 45th Annual Trivia Contest by honoring Jo McMullen

By Maya Geving / News Reporter

Volunteers and participants filled Ritsche Auditorium with anticipation on Sunday night as an award ceremony revealed the winners of Trivia Weekend 2024. The 45th annual competition took place over the span of 50 hours and featured 47 trivia teams.

KVSC Operations Director Jim Gray hosted the ceremony alongside a panel of other Trivia contributors. He opened the ceremony by calling the competition “in-tents,” a play on words that revolved around the weekend’s Camp Trivia theme.

Of the 47 teams that participated, Stefan’s Dream 25: Aurora Stefanis returned as the champions to continue their dominance with a sixth consecutive title. (See final Camp Trivia team rankings here.)

But before the award segment began, Gray paid tribute to former KVSC Station Manager Jo McMullen who sadly passed away last year.

2024 marked the first Trivia Weekend without McMullen in 30 years. 

“She left us in a good place,” Gray said. “We are able to pick up and carry on in her legacy.”

Part of carrying on in McMullen’s legacy includes the newly renamed Jo McMullen Trivia Volunteer Award, which went to St. Cloud State alum Patrick St. John.

Gray also introduced KVSC’s new Station Manager, Dan Seeger, who he says “approached the monumental task of filling McMullen’s impossibly large shoes with skill, grace and respect.”

Trivia Weekend 2025 will go down Feb. 14-16.

Details on the Trivia Theme Reveal Party in Aug. will be released at a later date.

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