Sep 21, 2009

Archived: KVSC Top 30 (9/14-9/20)

This week was all about a changing of the guard, or so it seems. We had a number of newcomers charting, pushing “older” records down the list, as well as some final, send-off appearances.

The Mumlers defied the recent trend of our New Release of the Week Bump (not as snappy as Colbert, but we manage), reclaiming familiar territory at number 1 (As I wrote last week, this makes me quite happy). Vandaveer also made a strong first appearance at #4, and Fink showed us all what-for by coming in #7 in his first full week in our New Music Rotation.

Fink’s “Sort of Revolution” was one of those difficult records for me to review, in that it was good, but I worried that it might sit too far beyond that nebulous gray area between what we play here and what is too poppy or mainstream. Any time I find myself considering this notion of “too poppy,” especially in unclear cases like this, I fear that I might become one of those “indie snobs” who scowls at what’s popular and turns his nose up at anything that’s close in sound. In the end, I think seeing the high finish for Fink’s first week, I can say that my decision to add it has been vindicated by our DJ’s. I just hope it will continue.

Okay, enough of that musing nonsense. The last quick notes o’ the week:

*In all, 6 of the top 30 albums are making their dual-debut (including Drummer, to which I would give the most bladder-emptying of “woo-wooing” noises in jubilation) in our Rotation and on our charts. Another 5 releases are making their exit, charting proudly in their final week (shout-out to French electro-musikers The Penelopes!).

*I am so(oooooo) totally happy to see Fun (fun.) reappearing with a strong showing at #6 this week.

*I was able to re-fi (if you will) my debt mentioned last week, and now must only say the following (gladly, admittedly, even if the circumstances are less than good): “WOO ARCTIC MONKEYS!”

Now: Onward, to CHARTS!

Thank You Underwriters