Mar 13, 2024

MNL Presents: d’Lakes on March 18

The 33rd season of Monday Night Live gets a delightful dose of new-wave weirdness when Minneapolis band d’Lakes take their turn in the KVSC Performance Studio on Monday, March 18.

Still in the afterglow of the November 2023 release of their sophomore album, the piquantly poppy Heaven Is a Silent Disco, d’lakes come to KVSC with a big batch of impossibly catchy tunes and a creative energy that simply does not stop.

They also note that their live show is “reminiscent of an overblown community theater production.” Want to hear how that translates to a live radio performance? Listen to the d’Lakes episode of Monday Night Live by tuning into KVSC-88.1FM at 9:00 p.m. (CDT) on March 18. If your antenna is too far away, you can stream the station online. Either way, you also have the option of watching the show live on UTVS.

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