Aug 3, 2020

KVSC Presents ‘Trivia At Play’ 2021

KVSC’s 42nd annual trivia weekend is six months away—but we are ready for a fun distraction now! Einstein famously said, “You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.” Well, take that sage advice seriously, as KVSC presents …Trivia At Play – 2021.

For three consecutive days next February 12 to the 14thYour Sound Alternative will present trivia-themed questions about games and toys. Power up that forgotten Tamagotchi, find that Cabbage Patch kid’s birth certificate and hop on your big wheel.

Trivia weekend fun is a smart Operation in the Game of Life, and we’re not Sorry it will Monopolize your weekend, it’s time to get a Clue! The Writers are designing a Sequence of questions for you join us at your own Risk for Trivia At Play – 2021.

Trivia Volunteers: prepare for the Perfection of answers… and bring your Tinker Toys to our Fisher Price Chatter phone bank stations at KVSC next February. You must be able to Speak and Spell.

You can learn more about our 33-hour mind marathon including how to play, volunteer opportunities, the history of trivia and much more with your friends at 88.1FM, KVSC.

Thank You Underwriters