Feb 26, 2020

Trivia 2021 Dates, and Theme Suggestions Welcome

KVSC’s 42nd annual Trivia Weekend will be held February 12-13-14, 2021! In a nod to government workers and teachers, we will continue the tradition of holding our 50-hour mind marathon on the weekend attached to President’s Day Monday, allowing for a much needed day of recovery. Even though we all know Trivia Tuesday can be even more draining (it’s weird).

Also, we are accepting ideas for the 2021 trivia theme. Please keep in mind a theme must fit some criteria. Is there enough subject matter for a diverse range of questions? Can KVSC market the theme visually on social media, billboards, T-shirts, the oh-so-cool poster, etc.? Will it have appeal beyond you? Will Triviaman approve? Seriously, we have declined some pretty funny but far too specific ideas submitted in the past.

You can submit ideas to info@kvsc.org or check out the KVSC Trivia Weekend page on Facebook.

Thank you players and volunteers–see you in February 2021.

Thank You Underwriters