Jan 20, 2023

UPDATE: Monticello Shooting Suspect Arrested

By Alexander Fern / News Director

The suspect in a Monticello shooting that hospitalized a man has been found and arrested.

Around 8:30 on Monday night, Wright County authorities were called to a campsite in Monticello where they were informed of a reported shooting. When they arrived they found Monticello resident 44-year-old Jade Nickels laying on the roadway near the park.

Deputies began first aid on the scene and discovered that Nickels had been shot and assaulted. The victim was taken to North Memorial Hospital and was in stable condition.

During the investigation witnesses identified the perpetrator as 18-year-old Dillon Tilbury from Moorhead. Tilbury was booked into the Wright County Jail for probable cause 1st Degree Assault with a firearm as well as other possible charges stemming from the incident.

According to Wright County Attorney Brian Lutes the authorities on the scene used several law enforcement tools to help find Tilbury.

Lutes says deputies used a robot to open the service door to the garage where they believe Tilbury was hiding. They then flew a small drone into the garage to get surveillance footage inside. Officers then used K9 Chase, who went inside and alerted to a trunk of a vehicle where Tilbury was hiding. 

Lutes released a statement and says this level of violence in the community is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. He wants the public to know this was not a random act of violence but rather a targeted act aimed at a specific individual. This is an ongoing investigation not allowing him to say too much but the people you associate with and the activity you engage in impact your level of safety.

Tilbury is next scheduled to appear in court at 9 a.m. on Tuesday, January 31st.

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