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Trivia News

 KVSC's 40th annual Trivia Weekend is Feb. 15-17, 2019


The tenured question writers are ready to enroll you in...

There are 50 credit hours to complete as you apply to be accepted to Trivia University. The curriculum has yet to be written by the faculty question writers but all course work must be completed from February 15-17. While there are no pre-requisites, you can conduct academic and field research to make the Dean’s trivia list.

We are accepting enrollment to Trivia University on Friday, December 14. The registrar's office is open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on business days, but is closed on holidays. Enrollment is open until 4:30 p.m. on Friday, Febraury 15.

For 50-consecutive hours KVSC will broadcast between 9-18 trivia questions per hour, on a variety subjects ranging from pop culture, science, history and other oddball factoids. Teams call in their guesses to our Trivia Phone Hotlines as fast as they can! College and high school teams can compete for free, there is a $50 fee for community teams. Check the registration and rules pages to learn the details.

Perhaps you’ll attend a lecture on the history of St. Cloud State University, or prepare for a pop quiz to bolster your trivia transcript. There may be elective classes in library sciences, zoology of rodentia, polysomnography and the history of telephonic communication. Alumni are as important to KVSC's 40th anniversary theme as are the freshman, and don’t forget the fraternities and sororities.

Real Geniuses, enroll in ...Trivia University. Celebrating academia, 150 Years of St. Cloud State, hilarious and fun-filled college experiences and 40 years of KVSC’s Trivia Weekend, where it all began, at SCSU.

By the way…there is a potential for DOUBLE SECRET PROBATION if you change Wikipedia entries to hinder other teams. The tenured question writers remind you,  “No one is really going to be free until nerd persecution ends.”

Start your mental stretches and prepare to execute your perfect Triple Lindy for Trivia University. Finally, don’t forget, there’s always a future in plastics.

Minnesota Masters of Trivia Traveling Trophy currently held by 2018's winning team "It Just Doesn't Matter."

READ MORE: Register for Trivia Weekend: Our 40th Weekend Will Focus On St. Cloud State (Story and Images) by Jeff Wood, University Communications, December 2018.

About Trivia Weekend


The History of KVSC’s Trivia Marathon

Trivia weekend was created to alleviate Minnesota’s infamous cabin fever and debuted in 1980 with 25 teams participating. In 2018, Trivia Weekend attracted 50 teams, more than 20 teams played via the Internet from various parts of the country and globally. As the weekend grew in popularity, so did its organizational sophistication. Visit our Trivia History page for a full report.

How Does Trivia Weekend Work?

Each year, a different theme is chosen to pay homage to a particular phenomena. The questions asked represent a broad range of categories including but not limited to: movies, pop culture, sports, science and history. Of course, teams can expect to be bombarded with many theme-based questions. After a team registers, it receives the official trivia kit, which includes a visual-trivia packet and two collectible posters. Kits are mailed to all teams outside the St. Cloud metro area.

Trivia Weekend is typically scheduled for the second weekend of February and begins on Friday at 5 p.m. Participating teams will endure 50 hours of non-stop trivia. Each hour, nine questions are broadcast on KVSC 88.1FM. The contest also features speed rounds (double questions), audio and visual trivia. Teams outside the Central Minnesota area are encouraged to play as well. Each year, numerous teams played nationwide and sometimes internationally via the Internet.

To ensure team success, we recommend that each team have a recording device in close proximity-- it comes in handy when audio trivia questions are broadcast. There is no limit on team size. The KVSC crew recommends that all teams have reference books, a steady supply of caffeine, extra cell phones and high speed Internet access.



Trivia Storm 2017 news--They're the 2018 Champs Too.


Congratulations to trivia team It Just Doesn't Matter on their repeat victory! They earned 13,750 points to take first place in Trivia Storm 2017.


Did you miss the 2017 awards ceremony? You can watch the ceremony HERE.

Trivia Storm: 50 Hours of Torrential Trivia merchandise is still available in limited T-shirt sizes as well as 2017 Question Books.



Trivia Weekend Cool Connections

Visit the following websites to see who all is involved with #TriviaWeekend:

Trivia Weekend's house band, the Shake a Hamster Band writes, records and performs parodies of pop tunes throughout Trivia Weekend. Go ahead and give them a like on their Facebook Page here.

The Goat Posse manages the Challenge Line during #TriviaWeekend, they also make things a little more entertaining for all of us throughout the weekend. Visit the Goat Posse website here. Visit their Facebook Page here.

Also keep in mind that many teams also create their own websites, see a full list of those pages here.

Interested in becoming a Sponsor of Trivia Weekend? Email with your inquiry. Check out the list of last years Sponsors here.


It Just Doesn't Matter take home Minnesota Masters of Trivia Traveling Trophy as 2016 champions.

Game of Trivia

Congrats to It Just Doesn't Matter for taking first in Trivia Cruisin': Racing, Road Tripping, and Rock & Roll with 14,590 points! The competition was a close contest with Stefan's Dream XVII: Stefan's Pole Position taking second with 14,540 points and Meyer Meyer a Decade on Fire taking third with 14,440 points.

Click here for the final Trivia Team Scores of Trivia Cruisin': Racing, Road Tripping, and Rock & Roll.

Click here for Archived hourly scores.

Did you miss the 2016 awards ceremony? You can watch the ceremony HERE.

Congratulations to all 59 teams that played in 2016 making it through 50 consecutive hours of trivia! Get a complete list of the final scores here.

Stefan's Dream XVI: Stefan, Warrior Princess takes home the golden urn for gAME OF trivia 2015: QUEST FOr FUTILE FACTS

The 36th annual Trivia Weekend contest came to a close with Stefan's Dream XVI:Stefan Warrior Princess winning the weekend with 14,150 points. They are the first team to win KVSC's Trivia Weekend 6 Times! Congratulations to Stefan's Dream XVI: Stefan, Warrior Princess on an incredible showing and record breaking year.

Congratulations to all 64 teams for making it through 50 consecutive hours of trivia! Get a complete list of the final scores here.




Stefan's Dream XIV: stefan's re-entry takes home the golden urn for trivia 2013: A space oddity

The 34th annual Trivia Weekend contest came to a close with Stefan's Dream XIV: Stefan's Re-Entry winning the weekend with 16,190 points. Trivia 2013: A Space Oddity was a close contest with Pull-Start Diesel taking second with 15,595 points and Learned Pigs and Fireproof Women taking third with 15,570 points. Congratulations to all 62 teams for making it through 50 consecutive hours of trivia! Get a complete list of the final scores here.

Overall, Trivia 2013: A Space Oddity brought in hundreds of volunteers, alumni and staff in addition to dozens of area business sponsors. The 50-hour weekend concluded with an awards ceremony and an after part at the Red Carpet Nightclub in downtown St. Cloud.


The 33rd annual Trivia Weekend contest came to a close with Learned Pigs & Fireproof Women coming out on top with 15,980 points. 33 1/3: Trivia Long Play was a close contest with Mustache taking second place with 15,855 points and Stefan's Dream Xlll: Stefan Pulls Out coming in a close third with a total of 15,850 points. Learned Pigs & Fireproof Women took home the coveted 'Golden Urn' traveling trophy for the first time since 2006. Congratulations to all 67 teams for making it through 50 consecutive hours of trivia madness! Get a complete list of final scores here or see hourly archives here.

33 1/3: Trivia Long Play honored the 33rd consecutive year of Trivia Weekend and saluted KVSC--the only central Minnesota station still playing vinyl records. From eight-tracks and cassette tapes to CDs and mp3s, there is only one medium that has stood the test of time: Vinyl records.

Overall, the 2012 Trivia Weekend brought in 67 teamsto the annual event and hundreds of volunteers, alumni and staff to help make 33 1/3: Trivia Long Play a success.  The 50-hour weekend concluded with an awards ceremony and an after party at the Red Carpet Nightclub in St. Cloud.

A big thank you goes out to sponsors who supplied our volunteers with the best food we could have asked for and prizes for the top three teams.

If you missed the awards ceremony, you can listen to it in full here.

View an Archive of Hourly Scores Here.

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  • Wrestling vs University of Mary (Sports Stream)
    Jan 19, 2019 - 2:00

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