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Trivia News

Trivia Weekend Is February 13-15, 2015


Take a look at the 2015 TEAM LETTER for all Trivia Weekend competitors as you prepare for our 36th annual trivia marathon.

"Trivia Weekend is coming" – those are the words of our people: the reoccurring prophecy of 88.1 FM KVSC’s Trivia Weekend, now in its 36th year. The seers have foretold of this competition - Game of Trivia: Quest for Futile Facts. KVSC calls upon all men, women and children of the realm to raise up their sigils and defend their teams February 13th through 15th in the year 2015.

The 50-hour tournament will chronicle the worlds of fantasy literature and folklore, as conveyed through legends, tales and myths … and will test the literature, television and film knowledge of kings and elves alike. Our quest will never be successful without the Fellowship of Trivia Volunteers, because one does not simply walk through 50 hours of Trivia.

Because in the Game of Trivia: Quest for Futile Facts, you either win… or you sleep.

Trivia Weekend will take place Friday, Feb. 13 to Sunday, Feb. 15. Teams can register until 4:30 p.m. on Friday, the contest begins at 5:00 p.m. and continues for 50 consecutive hours until 7:00 p.m. Sunday. The awards ceremony begins at 8:00 p.m. Sunday in the Ritsche Auditorium in Stewart Hall at St. Cloud State University.

Click HERE to listen to an audio tease of the 2015 theme.

Stefans Dream XV: Pardon The Eruption takes home Minnesota Masters of Trivia Traveling Trophy as 2014 champions.


Congrats to Stefans Dream XV: Pardon the Eruption for taking first in TSPN: Trivia Sports Playing Network Trivia Weekend 2014 with 16,275 points! The competition was close with Sigma Phi Nothing in second place, with 15,550 points, and IT JUST DOESN'T MATTER with 15,280 points in third place. The next #TriviaWeekend is scheduled for Feb. 13-15, 2015. TSPN was the 35th year the contest has taken place.

Click here for the final Trivia Team Scores of TSPN. 

Click here for Archived hourly scores.

Overall, TSPN: Trivia Sports Playing Network brought in hundreds of volunteers, alumni and staff in addition to dozens of area business sponsors. The 50-hour weekend concluded with an awards ceremony on the campus of St. Cloud State University and an after part at the Red Carpet Nightclub in downtown St. Cloud.

Did you miss this years awards ceremony? TSPN: Trivia Sports Playing Network merchandise is now available for order!



Trivia Weekend Affiliates

Visit the following websites to see who all is involved with #TriviaWeekend:

The house band for Trivia Weekend, Shake a Hamster Band writes, records and performs parodies of pop tunes throughout Trivia Weekend. Check out their website here. Visit their Facebook Page here.

The Goat Posse manages the Challenge Line during #TriviaWeekend, they also make things a little more entertaining for all of us throughout the weekend. Visit their website here. Visit their Facebook Page here.

Also keep in mind that many teams also create their own websites, see a full list of those pages here.

Interested in becoming a Sponsor of TSPN: Trivia Sports Playing Network? Email with your inquiry. Check out the list of last years Sponsors here.

Watch the 2014 Trivia Weekend Awards Ceremony in its Entirety Courtesy of UTVS

Watch live streaming video from utvs_live at


Stefan's Dream XIV: stefan's re-entry takes home the golden urn for trivia 2013: A space oddity

The 34th annual Trivia Weekend contest came to a close with Stefan's Dream XIV: Stefan's Re-Entry winning the weekend with 16,190 points. Trivia 2013: A Space Oddity was a close contest with Pull-Start Diesel taking second with 15,595 points and Learned Pigs and Fireproof Women taking third with 15,570 points. Congratulations to all 62 teams for making it through 50 consecutive hours of trivia! Get a complete list of the final scores here.

Overall, Trivia 2013: A Space Oddity brought in hundreds of volunteers, alumni and staff in addition to dozens of area business sponsors. The 50-hour weekend concluded with an awards ceremony and an after part at the Red Carpet Nightclub in downtown St. Cloud.


Watch the 2013 Trivia Weekend Awards Ceremony in Full Courtesy of UTVS

Watch live streaming video from utvs_live at



Thank You to All Trivia Weekend Sponsors

Trivia Weekend is finally here and all of us as KVSC would like to take a moment to thank the 50+ sponsors for making Trivia 2013: A Space Oddity possible. Please view the entire list of food and financial sponsors here.



The 33rd annual Trivia Weekend contest came to a close with Learned Pigs & Fireproof Women coming out on top with 15,980 points. 33 1/3: Trivia Long Play was a close contest with Mustache taking second place with 15,855 points and Stefan's Dream Xlll: Stefan Pulls Out coming in a close third with a total of 15,850 points. Learned Pigs & Fireproof Women took home the coveted 'Golden Urn' traveling trophy for the first time since 2006. Congratulations to all 67 teams for making it through 50 consecutive hours of trivia madness! Get a complete list of final scores here or see hourly archives here.

33 1/3: Trivia Long Play honored the 33rd consecutive year of Trivia Weekend and saluted KVSC--the only central Minnesota station still playing vinyl records. From eight-tracks and cassette tapes to CDs and mp3s, there is only one medium that has stood the test of time: Vinyl records.

Overall, the 2012 Trivia Weekend brought in 67 teamsto the annual event and hundreds of volunteers, alumni and staff to help make 33 1/3: Trivia Long Play a success.  The 50-hour weekend concluded with an awards ceremony and an after party at the Red Carpet Nightclub in St. Cloud.

A big thank you goes out to sponsors who supplied our volunteers with the best food we could have asked for and prizes for the top three teams.

If you missed the awards ceremony, you can listen to it in full here.

View an Archive of Hourly Scores Here.


Trivia Matters: A Video on Trivia Weekend Love

Here's a video from the 32nd Trivia Weekend in which the outgoing Programming Director proposed to his girlfriend on the air:



Second Team Member this Year of Stefan's Dream on "Jeopardy!"

Sam Meyer on "Jeopardy!"June 6, 2011 -- For the second time this year, a member of Stefan’s Dream—a longtime team of the annual “Trivia Weekend” contest of KVSC 88.1FM—is appearing on the famous TV show, “Jeopardy!”

Sam Meyer of St. Joseph, Minn. has participated on Stefan’s Dream since his days at Apollo High School in St. Cloud, Minn. and has even played while serving on active military duty overseas. Julia Carlis, also of Stefan’s Dream was on “Jeopardy!” earlier this year.

Meyer’s first appearance airs Monday at 4:30 p.m. on KARE-TV and a brief clip of him can be seen at An undisclosed “Jeopardy!” audience member says Meyer represented Central Minnesota well and might be on the show for a second appearance, which would air the following day. The producers keep a tight lid on how the contestants perform each day noting shows are pre-taped.

Entering its 33rd consecutive year, “Trivia Weekend” airs on KVSC-FM during the second weekend of February. The contest consists of 50 consecutive hours of questions asked, involves over 65 teams and requires hundreds of volunteers.


Trivia Weekend Featured in SCSU's Outlook Magazine

Nov. 23, 2010 -- In a new edition of "Outlook," the alumni publication of St. Cloud State University, Trivia Weekend gets a full spread on the events of the annual 50-hour trivia marathon epic. SCSU alumni should find the publication in their mailbox soon. Until then, readers can check out the online version here. To read the feature article "Trivia Addicts Unite" by Marsha Shoemaker, follow this link.



About Trivia Weekend


The History of KVSC’s Trivia Marathon

Trivia weekend was created to alleviate Minnesota’s infamous cabin fever and debuted in 1980 with 25 teams participating. In 2010, Trivia Weekend attracted 67 teams, 26 of them playing via the Internet from various parts of the country. As the weekend grew in popularity, so did its organizational sophistication. Visit our Trivia History page for a full report.

How Does Trivia Weekend Work?

Each year, a different theme is chosen to pay homage to a particular phenomena. The questions asked represent a broad range of categories including but not limited to: movies, pop culture, sports, science and history. Of course, teams can expect to be bombarded with many theme-based questions. After a team registers, it receives the official trivia kit, which includes a visual-trivia packet and two collectible posters. Kits are mailed to all teams outside the St. Cloud metro area. Trivia Weekend is habitually scheduled for the second weekend of February and begins on Friday at 5 p.m. Participating teams will endure 50 hours of non-stop trivia. Each hour, nine questions are broadcast on KVSC 88.1FM. The contest also features speed rounds (double questions), audio trivia and visual trivia. Teams outside the Central Minnesota area are encouraged to play as well. Each year, numerous teams played nationwide and sometimes internationally via the Internet.

To ensure team success, we recommend that each team have a recording device in close proximity-- it comes in handy when audio trivia questions are broadcast. There is no limit on team size. The KVSC crew recommends that all teams have reference books, a steady supply of caffeine, extra cell phones and high speed Internet access.


Sports Schedule

  • Wrestling vs MSU-Moorhead (Sports Stream)
    Feb 05, 2015 - 7:00
  • Women's Basketball vs Winona State (Sports Stream)
    Feb 06, 2015 - 6:00
  • Men's Basketball vs Winona State (Sports Stream)
    Feb 06, 2015 - 8:00

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